Reindeer Group, Inc. is a corporation registered in the State of Maine and recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Reindeer’s Mission Statement: “…To promote, develop and encourage the talent and abilities of young performing artists; To promote and develop interest in the arts; to propose, create, develop and administer nonprofit programs which provide goods and/or services to train, educate and develop the skills of young performing artists, or which promote the provision of services for young performing artists…”

Reindeer’s mission is accomplished through several Reindeer siblings. Reindeer Records, Reindeer Rock-Off and Reindeer Theater Company each focuses on a different genre of performing arts, Reindeer PAK (Performing Arts for Kids), is our main outreach program of Theater arts education, RAMP (Reindeer’s Alternative Music Program) is a performing arts education outreach that outlines and analyzes the skills and experiences of modern-day performing artists, combines them with state and local learning objectives, and serves it all up in a creative hands-on curriculum by which students are not only empowered but are also able to earn academic credit.


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