Maine Musician’s Music Video Makes Strong Case in Independent Music Awards

Across The Fine Line

John Milazzo2

March 2017

John Milazzo of Auburn is a singer, songwriter, studio engineer and music producer who has been involved in music projects on one level or another for decades.  Even while maintaining an active law practice, he kept his musical aspirations and achievements alive—in hopes of crafting that next big hit, supporting other artists with their worthy goals, or simply creating and sharing beautiful original songs with friends and family.

Recently, John C. Milazzo Jr., Esq, retired as general counsel and chief deputy director for the Maine Public Employees Retirement System…and he’s not missing a beat!

Last year he wrote and recorded (and why not? He built his own full-service state-of-the-art professional recording studio in his home…and did I mention he is retired now?) a social commentary called Across The Fine Line, a soul-searching reflection of cultural, political and humanitarian hot topics that are prevalent in American society.

The music is a crisp and tasty dose of contemporary easy-listening/pop, the lyrics are poignant and deliberate, and the production (mixing and mastering) is superb—all a testament to the man’s ability to proficiently blend his technical skills and creative gifts.

Just a few weeks ago, Milazzo received an email invitation to submit his song for consideration by the Independent Music Awards, a global competition for established artists & rising stars, producers, indie labels and visual artists.  IMAS is described as a unique music discovery and vetting platform that helps exceptional independent artists get the opportunities they need and deserve.

This year’s focus is on social action music videos.  The only problem was that, although John had been working on the video for a few days, it was not finished. So, with literally only hours before submission deadline, and with no video production experience, the undaunted producer took the bull by the horns, immediately digested his iMovie software and created a stunning video just in the nick of time.

“I created this video because I believed that the song’s message would be better understood and further enhanced by pairing it with visual content.” Milazzo said.

“I wanted to bring the viewer into a world where there’s a lot of bad things going on and make the case that we need to reflect on our words, actions and choices and stop crossing the line before it’s too late,” said the songwriter.

Initial response to the music video validate Milazzo’s three-fold design:  To present universally-relevant content that nobody could disagree with; In a strong video presentation appropriate for general audiences; That especially did not presuppose judgment or blame.

“What’s interesting is that nobody’s reacting in a partisan way,” Milazzo noted.  “Everyone that’s watched it said it’s made them think.” 

Encouraged by his accomplishment, Milazzo describes his creation as “a little pebble dropped in a big pond.”  And he is hoping his work will have a rippling impact that’s positive, provocative and motivating. To help reach that goal, he has pledged to donate any profits from his song to charitable causes.

“I’m not a particularly spiritual person,” he said, “but man, this thing is bigger than me.”  He envisions the possibility of churches, schools, any type of groups, using the music video as a tool to prompt discussions and explore changes and solutions to some of the issues that are prevalent in today’s current events.


–Louis Philippe

To view the music video, click here:  Across The Fine Line

For more info on John’s studio work, click here:  AudioDigitalRecordingStudio

For more info on IMAS, including how to register as a fan and vote, click here:  Independent Music Awards

One Response to “Maine Musician’s Music Video Makes Strong Case in Independent Music Awards”

  1. Very impressive and well done. Really needs to be circulated everywhere. Things need to change and this song/video truly tells the story.

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