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Three Maine high school rock bands are now halfway through Reindeer Records’ new statewide annual competition called The Off-Ramp:Exit 27.

LAST MAN IN SPACE from Farmington, SAINT MONDAY from South Portland and THE RESISTANCE from the Waterville area have each successfully completed three of five music industry assignments designed to answer the question: “Are you band enough?” Through the entire process, band member learn vital aspects of the music industry that will help them become better, stronger and successful musicians.

The Off-Ramp: Exit 27—marking Reindeer’s 27th year of providing opportunities for Maine’s high school rock musicians—kicked off on November 1st of last year and will culminate in a live extravaganza on Sunday, May 6, at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center.

“The competition is six-month hands-on music business study with a lot of empowering and engaging benefits built in,” according to Executive Producer Louis Philippe, who created The Off-Ramp after 25 years of producing the wildly popular Rock-Off event.  “With a lot more focus on video, The Off-Ramp is like “The Rock-Off” meets “The Apprentice,” Philippe noted.

The Off-Ramp evaluations are based on five tasks:  Songwriting, The Recording Studio Experience, Marketing, Live Event Production and Music Video Production.  Each band was required to create an original song called “Second Chances,” and to document their process of recording that song.

As part of their Marketing Task, the bands are attempting to market their way to the highest number of streams and downloads of their versions of “Second Chances” which are now available online at many popular digital distribution sites (iTunes, Amazon, etc).  Fans, friends and the public are invited to support their favorite band by buying their single online at

The bands are currently planning their fourth task—to produce a live show that will benefit RAMP (Reindeer’s Alternative Music Program) and brand its goal to create and implement an accredited Alternative Education music curriculum.  That curriculum will comprise the very same five areas of study as the tasks that the bands have been challenged with in the competition.

Full details about the curriculum and competition—including band pics, bios, music, video interviews, online poll and more—can be found at  Reindeer Group is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization



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