October 17, 2011

The deadline for Maine high school rock bands to sign up for this year’s Reindeer Records’ statewide competition has been pushed back to November 1st.

Reindeer is looking for up to 12 bands and is now signing up bands on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After producing The Rock-Off for 25 years, Reindeer launched its all-new competition called The Off-Ramp last year.  Described as “The Rock-Off meets The Apprentice,” The Off-Ramp is a more focused and educational-based six-month competition that challenges each band with five music industry tasks:  Songwriting, The Recording Studio Experience, Marketing, Live Event Production and Music Video Production.

“For several reasons, the response to the original registration deadline was slow,” said Off-Ramp Producer Louis Philippe.  “Maine seems to be in a slump right now when it comes to high school rock bands,” he added.

Having been in touch with many High School Band Directors across the state, Philippe said that his suspicions about why there are so few young bands out there were confirmed.

“Young musicians just don’t seem to have the passion to put a band together,” he said.  “With a host of family, economic, social, entertainment and cultural challenges, it’s sad to say but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of young musicians right now who dream of making it big.  Plus with the introduction of year-long sports programs, many young people don’t even have time for pursuing their music goals.”

But Reindeer is optimistic it will be able to complete its Off-Ramp line-up by November 1st.  Any band interested in registering, or more info, can contact Reindeer at 207/857-9002,, or


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