August 1, 2011

Portland-based indie record label Reindeer Records announced recently that they have signed 19 year-old singer-songwriter Joel Carpenter of Portland for a full-length debut CD entitled “Dirty Words,” slated for a fall release.

Joel was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on March 29, 1992, and moved to Portland, Maine, at a young age.  Coming from a family of musicians, music came naturally to Joel who began playing bass and guitar at age 11.

At age 13, he wrote his first song, “In My Head” (which is featured on his debut album “Dirty Words”).  When he was 14, Joel formed his first band called East Point in which fronted as lead vocalist and lead guitarist.  Two years later, he joined the pop-punk band Cancel My Future.

Joel is a 2010 graduate of Deering High School, and during his Junior and Senior years, he attended PATHS (Portland Arts and Technology High School), which exposed him to various elements of performing arts, including recording and music theory.

After graduating—and after his band broke up—Joel continued working on various musical ventures, collaborations and side projects until he decided it was time to chart his own career path as a solo artist.

In November of 2010, when he was working as a cashier at BJs, Joel had a fateful encounter at the checkout line with a customer, Louis Philippe, President of Reindeer Records.  “Looking back on that day just proves that things don’t happen by accident,” said Philippe.  “I went in to buy some chardonnay and walked out with a new recording artist.”

Joel had begun playing as a solo artist in local venues, showcasing some of his original material.

“What was first a fun side project soon snowballed into a serious endeavor,” Joel noted.

The solo project became a creative outlet to play a more personalized style of music that was true to the artist.  “This was a period of transformation for Joel in which he totally embraced the opportunity to explore his songwriting skills, and became empowered with his own talents and the possibilities of success,” describes Philippe.

Now, at the age of 19, he is preparing for the release of his debut CD, on the Reindeer label.  “Dirty Words” will feature a dozen of Joel’s originals that showcase his appealing style that combines gritty blues with acoustic alternative and folk.

“Joel has the innate ability to capture everyday individual lifestyle events and turn them into extraordinary universal milestones with his creative guitar work, unique interpretations and refreshing use of lyrics and phrases,” said Philippe.

Look for the release of “Dirty Words” this fall.

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  1. F****** Yeahhhhh!!!!!!! ❤ Maggie

  2. Melissa Blanchard Says:

    Good luck Joel,

    Your proud mom, Melissa!!! Your a natural!

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