Apr 19, 2011

Maine High School Rock Bands Produce Music Videos

The nine high school rock bands that have been competing in Reindeer Records’ Off-Ramp: Exit 26 competition since last fall have completed their final task—to produce their own music video.

In November, the bands were given the task to create and record a song entitled “I Scream At Walls,” which, in their own creative ways and genres, was to capture the youth experience.  They have now successfully added music video production to their list of skills and accomplishments.

The public is encouraged to vote for their favorite video.  All nine music videos of “I Scream At Walls” can be viewed at the website of Off-Ramp media sponsor Current Publishing, (scroll down and click on the red and gree Off Ramp: Exit 26 icon).

Reindeer Records, producers of the popular Rock-Off competition for 25 years, launched its “new and improved” six-month contest that combines The Rock-Off with The Apprentice and challenges the musicians in five areas:  Songwriting, The Recording Studio Experience, Marketing, Live Event Production and Music Video Production.

According to Louis Philippe, who runs Reindeer, the bigger goal is R.A.M.P., Reindeer’s Alternative Music Program, which is developing a music industry-based curriculum for Maine’s Alternative Education students who wish to study those very same five topics—and get credit.

Creating, producing, implementing and marketing that curriculum is part of Reindeer’s effort to raise $145,000.  The Off-Ramp: Exit 26 is part of that overall effort.  “Plus, it gives us a perfect chance to ‘workshop’ these topics in a real life setting with some awesome young musicians who are very supportive of the whole cause,” Philippe noted.

The featured nine bands include:  BEWARE OF PEDESTRIANS – Gorham HS, Scarborough HS; CROSSED OUT – Gorham HS; MIDNITE HAZE – Telstar Middle/HS;  PHANTOM COMPANION – Falmouth HS, Waynflete; STUCK IN NEUTRAL – Boothbay Region HS; THE MODEST PROPOSAL – Freeport HS; THE RESISTANCE – Erskine Academy, Maine Central Institute, Warsaw Middle School; THE STUDY OF WUMBO – Scarborough HS, Kennebunk HS;  and WHERE’S ROBERT? – Mt. Ararat HS, Morse HS, Brunswick HS.

The Off-Ramp: Exit 26 comes to spectacular ending on Saturday, May 7, 7 pm, at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center, with a red-carpet Finale and Results Show.

More information about RAMP and The Off-Ramp can be found at



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