March 1, 2011

As part of Reindeer’s new competition for high school rock bands, the nine participating bands are put through music-industry challenges that are designed to help them succeed as future recording artists.

Task #3 is Marketing.

All the bands have written (Task #1) and recorded (Task #2) a song entitled “I SCREAM AT WALLS.”  For this task, all the songs have been uploaded to the popular website cdbaby.com.  The challenge for each band is to generate as much revenue through streams and downloads by friends, family and fans the world over before the marketing period ends on April 1st.

“Digital distribution” has become such a potent and real source of revenue for any serious artist that is trying to sell their songs,” said Louis Philippe, OR26 Executive Producer and Reindeer President.  “In this case, there are no physical CDs, just streaming (that lets the customer listen to the song) and downloading (which lets the customer use the song on their designated listening device).”

CDBaby.com is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and is owned by DiscMakers, a leading audio and video manufacturing company.  Songs that are available on cdbaby.com are also available through any of its 27 worldwide partners including Amazon, napster, iTunes, and other popular marketing sites.

“In recent years, digital distribution has evolved into a standard industry marketing tool with a lot of potential for global exposure for an artist that successfully markets the opportunity effectively,” Philippe said.

The world is invited to visit www.cdbaby.com and search for “I SCREAM AT WALLS” or the name of any competing band, and download their favorite version of the song:  http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/aSBzY3JlYW0gYXQgd2FsbHM%3d/0

All revenues generated in the 2-month marketing period before April 1 will be used to help R.A.M.P., Reindeer’s Alternative Music Program, and its goals to create an accredited music industry-based curriculum for Maine’s Alternative Education students.



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