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Reindeer Group announced a slate of upcoming community shows to bring awareness and raise money for R.A.M.P., Reindeer’s Alternative Music Program.

The mid-winter series will be held at The American Legion Hall on Dunn Street in Westbrook and will feature an array of local “stars” and theater friends, including several high school singers and musicians.  The audience will be invited to sing-along and share the spotlight, and guests are more than welcome to bring their music or soundtracks and jump in—impromptu style (Reindeer’s trademark).

Fri, Jan 21 – CABARET open-mic, with Louis Philippe at the piano.  Guest performers include Kathy Ball, Josephine Cooper, Nancy Durgin, Teresa Dyer, Tom Ferent, Casey Hutchinson, Kyah Morrisette,  Molly Olsen,  Andrew Shepard, Emily Silver, Johanna Stanley, and Abigail Worthing.

Fri, Feb 4 – COFFEE HOUSE, featuring acoustic performances by singer-songwriters Joel Carpenter, Louis Grassi, Nate Harvey, Izzy Jorgensen, Gabriella Latini, John Malloy, Egor Mossalev and Xander Nelson.

Fri, Feb 18 – CABARET open-mic, with Louis Philippe at the piano.  Guest performers include Ellen & Mark Munson, Kathleen Peterson, Themia Raymond, Rita Smith, cast members from past musical revues, and more.

Each show begins at 7 PM and all ages are welcome.  Admission is free, but reservations are suggested by calling 857-9002.

R.A.M.P was created a year ago by Louis Philippe who also conceived and produced the highly popular Rock-Off competitions since 1983.  Philippe’s goal is to create, produce and implement a music industry-based curriculum whereby Maine’s Alternative Education students can earn academic credit for studying subjects such as Songwriting, The Recording Studio Experience, Marketing, Live Event Production and Music Video Production.

Reindeer Group has launched a campaign to raise $145,000 to establish this unique project as an ongoing educational opportunity for AltEd communities across the state.  Donations in any amount and program inquiries are welcome, as well as requests for speaker presentations.

For more information about R.A.M.P. and the affiliated Off-Ramp statewide high school band competition, visit



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