January 8, 2008


***** for immediate release *****

Sammie Francis

Sammie Francis, the Gorham High School Singer-Songwriter whose Rock-Off victory in 2004 as a solo artist inspired Reindeer’s new competition, RO4UNO, will be a guest performer at the event this coming Sunday, January 13th.

Currently a Junior at Bowdoin College, Sammie shook Portland’s music scene by beating 23 rock bands with only her voice, and an acoustic guitar. Her unexpected and well-deserved victory was a clear sign to Reindeer that a competition for solo artists was needed.

Sammie Francis’ musical experience ranges from playing around Maine with the band Eleven, to living abroad in Scotland where she became a local pub-favorite in Scotland’s West End, Sammie is bound and determined to take her music as far as she is able. Her EP “Just Me” is on sale at Bullmoose music, and she plans on pursuing her music career fulltime after completing her degree in English and Education.

RO4UNO features 21 students from across the state competing for a Mobile Recording Package, $250 cash, and the title of  “Best Young Solo Artist in Maine.”

The first Showcase was held last Sunday and Showcase #2 will be held this Sunday, January 13th at the McAuley Performing Arts Center in Portland. After all the competitors have performed, and to allow time for final tabulations, Sammie will entertain the audience with her award-winning brand of talent.

The show is at 2PM, tickets are $10 for all ages. For more information contact Reindeer at 857-9002, or visit entertainment.mainetoday.com/ro4uno.



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