September 19, 2007


***** for immediate release *****

For 23 consecutive years Reindeer Records has sought out the best rock bands in the state of Maine in the ever constant search for top-notch young musicians. Now, Reindeer Records presents a new type of competition, RO4UNO, a talent search for the best high school solo artists in the state of Maine.

How is RO4UNO different from The Rock-Off? It’s for individual singers, singer-songwriters, and musicians who can perform solo, with no limit on the number of instruments that they can use (including the use of pre-recorded tracks). Musicians of all styles are encouraged to compete, and all genres are welcome- from musical theatre to hip-hop.

Deadline to register is November 23rd, after which artists will be slotted for a live showcase on one of two dates:  Sunday January 6th, and Sunday January 13th, both at McAuley Performing Arts Center in Portland.  Five artists will then be selected to play in the Finals, slated for Sunday, February 10th.

In addition to the coveted title of being “The Best High School Solo Artist in the State of Maine,” the winning artist will win $250 cash, plus a Live Concert/Mobile Recording Package.

In the past two decades, the Rock-Off has become a household name among high school musicians who have a strong focus on achieving some kind of creative success.  Many local bands that have “hit the big time” have built upon their Rock-Off experiences:  Howie Day, Jeremiah Freed and Rustic Overtones, to name a few. With this new competition Reindeer Records hopes to help even more musicians with a different kind of talent on their way to stardom.

“RO4UNO is designed to provide lots of benefits to every artist that participates, whether they win or not,” said Executive Producer Louis Philippe.  “It’s going to be a great platform for learning and growing as musicians, with plenty of industry exposure and networking opportunities, and most importantly, just plain tons of fun.”

But Philippe warns that like The Rock-Off, RO4UNO is a very structured, intense, and no-nonsense competition.  “Every performer will face several panels of judges who evaluate pretty much everything about their act, from their promotion materials to their live show.” Philippe said.  “It’s not just about an artist’s talent, it’s about their professional potential, aptitude, acumen and ability to be stars.”

Reindeer is very excited to have once again as a media sponsor, MaineToday.com, which is very supportive of the high school scene, and whose online site will offer some fun interactive ways to learn more about RO4UNO and the performers involved.

Musicians interested in obtaining a Registration Packet or more info should contact Reindeer at 857-9002 or email events@reindeergroup.org.



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