July 29, 2007


***** for immediate release *****

photo: l-r, Gwen Basinger, Stephanie Dyer, Sandy Brown-Bisson

Louis Philippe’s “Old Fashioned Soiree” is slated for the 2nd Annual Festival FrancoFun on Friday, August 3rd, at 6:30 pm, after the official Opening Ceremony.  The Colisee will be transformed into “one big living room” and audience participation will be encouraged as guest singers present songs in French and English.

The program will include an array of popular French and English songs, sing-alongs, and some well known songs from La Bonne Chanson, with Louis Philippe playing piano and singing, backed by special guest musicians Ed Boucher on bass and Curt Perkins on guitar.

Lending their flair of talent and “joie de vivre” is a group of seasoned local performers:  Connie Lambert, Madeleine Leblanc, Diane Meservier and Margerette Sjostrom.

Joining the cast from the Portland area are singers Gwen Basinger, Sandy Brown-Bisson and Stephanie Dyer who will perform well-known country sing-along favorites.

Audience members will be invited to grab the spotlight with their best jokes in the Franco Comedy competition part of the show…but wait, there’s a hitch— jokes must be told in French.

“I am so honored to be entertaining at this year’s Festival FrancoFun,” said Louis Philippe.  “I want to transform the arena into one big living room, just like the original soirees of long ago when friends and family members of all ages participated in wonderful evenings at home, and everyone had a chance to shine by singing songs, playing music, telling jokes, and just enjoying their Franco-American spirit.”

For full Festival details, visit www.festivalfrancofun.com or call 783-1585.



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