November 1, 2006


***** for immediate release *****

Louis Philippe

Local Entertainer Louis Philippe spends much of his weekdays entertaining at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement communities and numerous senior citizen organizations.  He also considers himself blessed to have a wonderful array of talented friends who are well-known in the local community theater circles.

LIVING LEGENDS is Louis Philippe’s way of bringing those two demographics together under one roof for one spectacular show.  “It’s my way of saying thanks to all the wonderful people I get to meet in my line of work.”

And understanding the financial limitations of the senior population, the show is free for all ages, as a pre-holiday gift (free-will offerings will be accepted).

Now in its third year, the show will be presented on Sunday, November 19, 2 PM, at McAuley Performing Arts Center, 637 Stevens Ave., Portland.

Starring a magnificent line-up of local entertainment legends, LIVING LEGENDS 3 will feature Kathy Ball, Ellen Faulkner, Father Frenchie, Arthur Ledeu, Ellen Lefevre,  Marilyn Minsky Melton, The O’Brion Sisters, Ellen Tucker, and Comedienne Nancy Woodward.

There will also be guest appearances by cast members from several recent Reindeer Theatre Company musical revues: Sandy Brown Bisson, Trish Flynn, Russ Glidden, Kathy Johnston, Janet Kelley, Ellen & Mark Munson, Themia Raymond, Rita Smith and Kathy Zema

Plus, there will be a cameo appearance by THE LUNCH LADIES OF WESTBROOK.

Reservations are suggested and can be made by calling 857-9002.




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