June 1, 2006


***** for immediate release *****

Pattycake 600
(l-r: Cyrus, Jake, Paul)

Who could ever imagine that your pre-school friends would turn out to be your bandmates and that you’d be discovered by some record label?

Portland-based Reindeer Records has announced the release of a new Artist, PATTYCAKE 600, a young high school band from Deer Isle (where else?).

Someone Try And Stop Me is the name of the full-length CD that features 12 selections of the band’s pop/punk stylings and some clever songwriting.

“This band has one of the freshest, cleanest, most interesting approaches to music that I’ve heard in a long time,” said Reindeer President Louis Philippe who signed the young band in January of this year. “They pull in various influences-jazz, funk, classic rock and metal-and weave them into carefully-crafted originals that give pop-punk a good name.”

The trio of close-knit friends has proven to be loyal, committed and superbly talented. “They personify a longevity and persistence that is worth investing in,” Philippe noted.

PATTYCAKE 600 is Jake Adams on drums, Paul Conte on guitar and Cyrus Dworsky on bass. The band made their debut stage appearance recently with a guest appearance at Reindeer’s Rock-Off 22.

Someone Try And Stop Me is available in Bull Moose stores in Portland, Brunswick and Bangor, and online at http://www.reindeergroup.org, or call 857-9002.



The band members of PATTYCAKE 600 met in pre-school at the age of four. Jake Adams, Paul Conte and Cyrus Dworsky were all enjoying the life of being a pre-schooler. Little did they know that one day they would all be in a band writing music, recording CDs and playing rock shows together. They all graduated from pre-school together and went on to the big time-kindergarten-at Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School.

The band was formed when Paul got his first electric guitar for his 11th birthday. Soon after, Jake got a drum set. “The band needed a bass to fill in the lineup,” said Jake, “and I was going to school with Cyrus at the time so I asked him to learn bass and join the band … I had no idea he would turn out be such an amazing bass player.”

And it went on from there. The band wrote more material together and got a few gigs. Then in 8th Grade, Ellen Lamerson, Cyrus and Jake’s music teacher, introduced the boys to Kevin Mania from KokoManya Recording and they recorded their first album. “It was a very quick and fast record to make, we didn’t really have any experience in the studio and we were all learning,” Jake noted.

That album was released independently in the summer of 2004. Throughout that summer, the band sold CDs to anyone and everyone, an effort that most certainly helped to get their name out locally.

The band continued to practice and write more material, and by now the proceeds from the first album were earmarked for more recording. The next album was recorded at Kevin’s home studio in Calais, Maine. “We went into the recording with much more knowledge of the ins and outs of production,” Cyrus stated. “We had a clearer picture of what we wanted the CD to sound like, and overall we were more organized. We learned a lot from this project and we are sure that every recording to come will be a learning experience for us as a band and as individuals.”


JAKE ADAMS plays drums and provides backup vocals for the band. He was born in Blue Hill and lives in Deer Isle. He is a sophomore at Deer Isle-Stonington HS. He started playing drums in the 5th grade and plans to play for the rest of his life. His beats keep the band moving and on track. He plays Slingerland, Pearl, Ludwig and Sonor drums and uses DW pedals. His influences include The New Pornographers, The Shout Out Louds, Tegen And Sara, At The Drive-In, Counting Crows, Tony Thaxton, Keith Moon, Josh Freese, Mike Marsh, Taylor Hawkins, Brian Rosenworcel, Derek Grant, John Bonham, Tre Cool and Mike Bennett.

PAUL CONTE plays guitar, sings and composes most of PATTYCAKE 600’s music. He is originally from Long Island, New York and moved to Maine at the age of three. He is a sophomore at GSA in Blue Hill. He plays an Epiphone Dot guitar and uses a Line 6 spider amp. He writes his music as an escape from the struggles of day-to-day life. Some of his influences include Elvis Presley, Billie Joe Armstrong, Motion City Soundtrack, Chris Cheney, Freddy Mercury, Ian Paine, Bronson Arroyo, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Paige, Pete Townsend and Presidents of the United States of America.

CYRUS DWORSKY plays bass, provides backing vocals for the band and “brings in the funk-fusion part of things,” says Paul. He was born on York Island about six miles off the coast of Maine. He is a sophomore at Deer Isle-Stonington HS. He plays Fender, Aria and Prima basses and uses Gallien-Krueger and Ampeg amps. His influences include Rick Danko, John Paul Jones, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, James Jamerson, Rick James, Mike Dirnt, John Entwistle, Scott Owen, Fat Mike, cake, Paul McCartney, Hot Hot Heat, Mike Gordon, Flea, Jim Adams (Jake’s Dad) and Tim Commerford.



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