April 11, 2006


***** for immediate release *****

L-R, Front row: Samson Martin, August Halm-Perazone, Trevor York. Back row: Nick Rhys, Tristan Shippen, Dylan Volk

Reindeer Theatre Company is staging an original children’s play, CHARLIE AND THE CAPTAIN, the first two weekends of May at Warren Memorial Library Auditorium, 479 Main Street in Westbrook.

CHARLIE AND THE CAPTAIN is a fun story about what happens among a tight-knit circle of six boys when one of them inherits a ship and the rest become his crew. It is a journey into the world of young peers who experience a unique adventure into group dynamics, self-esteem, and discovering their own identities.

The play is written by Portland Actor and Comedian Nancy Woodward, who enjoys numerous writing credits, both fiction and non-fiction. Woodward has appeared in numerous character roles for Reindeer Theatre Company as well as other local theater groups, and has also brought her brand of comedy to the Comedy Connection.

CHARLIE AND THE CAPTAIN features a small cast of strong actors. Tristan Shippen, 14, a Portland HS Freshman, heads up the crew as the Captain (and also provides directorial assistance). Other cast members include: August Halm-Perazone, 11, of Portland, as Charlie, the immature deckhand who constantly finds himself in trouble; Samson Martin, 10, of Portland, as Jeff, the even-tempered ship’s navigator; Nick Rhys, 13, of South Portland, the mystery crew member with a secret who creates turmoil among the ranks; Dylan Volk, 14, of Scarborough, in the role of Dennis, the nervous second-in-command who one day hopes to become captain; and Trevor York, 10, of Westbrook, as Paul, the ship’s friendly and bubbly cook.

CHARLIE AND THE CAPTAIN opens on Friday, May 5 and will run two weekends, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7 PM, and Sunday shows are 2 PM matinees.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for Children under 18 and Seniors. For more information, call 857-9002.



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