February 17, 2006


***** for immediate release *****

Westbrook-based Reindeer Theatre Company announced plans for two Spring projects that will stage original works by Portland authors.

CHARLIE AND THE CAPTAIN” is an interesting story about what happens among a tight-knit circle of six boys when one of them inherits a ship and the rest become his crew? “Charlie and The Captain” is a journey into the world of young peers who experience a unique adventure into group dynamics, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills. The play is written by Portland Actor/Comedian Nancy Woodward, who enjoys numerous writing credits, both fiction and non-fiction. Woodward has appeared in numerous character roles for Reindeer Theatre Company as well as other local theater groups, and has also brought her brand of comedy to the Comedy Connection.

Auditions for “Charlie and The Captain” will be held from 6:30-8 PM on Monday, February 27 and Wednesday, March 1 at the Warren Memorial Library auditorium, 479 Main St., Westbrook. The show will run the first two weekends of May.

“SOME KIND OF PRIDE” is a novel for middle-grade readers, written by Maria Testa. Testa lives in Portland, and has written many books for children, including Dancing Pink Flamingos and Other Stories, Becoming Joe Dimaggio, Almost Forever, and Something About America. “Some Kind of Pride” is about Ruth DiMarco, the star shortstop in her small Maine town, who dreams of one day making it to the major-league. Ruth is well on her way – with Sports Illustrated coming to interview her, and her father being a major sportswriter. When she overhears her father saying that her talent is wasted on a girl, Ruth begins to question her dreams – can girls play baseball? With the help of her best friend, Ellie, Ruth searches for the truth, and learns about herself along the way.

“SOME KIND OF PRODUCTION TEAM” We are looking for theatre/production enthusiasts, aged 10 and older, who are interested in joining The Production Team for “Some Kind of Pride”. This team will work throughout the month of March in weekly workshops to create a staged script of the novel. The Production Team will work together to develop the script, and have the opportunity to meet the author. Workshops will be held every Tuesday in March for scripting, after which, the group will help facilitate auditions in April, make casting decisions, and co-facilitate rehearsals. This is an incredible, unique opportunity for children interested in the theatre, creative writing, and group collaborations.

Applications will be available on February 22, and interviews will follow. For more information on this project, please contact Reindeer Theatre Company at 857-9002.



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