February 17, 2006


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Jon Senterfitt

Reindeer Records, an independent record label based in Portland, Maine, that has done many projects with local Florida bands, has announced a CD project to feature original Gainesville-area high school-age rock bands.

Making A Name In The City Of G is the name of the musical sampler that will spotlight the area’s best and serious young artists. Bands interested in being a part of the CD release have until April 1st to submit their package for review. A panel of Label personnel will select the Artists on the merits of their submitted material, (i.e. music samples and press kit materials, as well as live performance reviews).

Jon Senterfitt, a 16-year-old guitarist and self-proclaimed musical fanatic from Gainesville, has been named A&R Coordinator the project. “Jon is clearly the right person for this job,” said Reindeer President Louis Philippe who met Jon while promoting FLARO, the annual Florida Rock-Off competition his company puts on every year. “He’s got endless energy, incredible passion, a love for the local music scene, and precisely the right personality, aptitude and attitude that is necessary to make this project a critical success.”

[see Q&A with Jon below]

Senterfitt is a sophomore at Gainesville HS who has played in several local bands—Puddin’, Sunny D, and his current band Man Down. He considers himself to be well-connected to the local music scene that he works hard to support.

“The music scene of Gainesville is one of the most diverse and amazing scenes you will ever find,” said the young producer-to-be. Senterfitt’s main focus is to eventually get enough recording equipment and establish a low-cost studio. “I want to make it a lot easier and cheaper for bands to actually be able to do something with their music,” he stated.

The young music lover enjoys listening to a diverse range of contemporary music, but enjoys checking out local band shows and listening to new music. “I want to be there for the music…whether I’m making it, producing it or just listening to it, I wanna be there,” he said.

He is hoping young original bands of various genres will want to take part in the G’ville CD as a no-cost way to gain some beneficial industry exposure and be part of a fun project that showcases the scene. “Giving someone else a chance at going somewhere feels just as good as making it, if not better. I want to give these kids that same rush that every musician feels when some person runs up to them screaming, ‘hey you’re that guy from that band I love.’ It’s an amazing feeling.”

Reindeer Records is part of Reindeer Group Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide experiential and educational opportunities to career-minded young people seeking a career in the Performing Arts. The small indie label boasts a catalogue of over 50 projects with many entry-level young bands from across the country, including many from the Tampa Bay area. More information about Reindeer’s scope of services can be found on their website, http://www.reindeergroup.org.

Interested local bands can obtain full details and application by contacting Jon at 352/376-7890 or emailing him at thejumparound@hotmail.com, or by contacting Reindeer at 207/857-9002 or mailroom@reindeergroup.org.


Part Two: Q&A with Gainesville’s Jon Senterfitt

Q. So what’s your music experience?

A. I am a musician, a friend, and a fanatic of the local scene here. If I hear about a band, I’ll check them out, see if I like their sound and I’ll check out everything they have to offer. The music scene of Gainesville is one of the most diverse and amazing scenes you will ever find and I’m blessed to be involved in it.

Q. What inspired you to get where you are now?

A. I picked up a guitar at a friend’s house one night and learned how to read tabs, and from there I just kept learning.

Q. What is your favorite thing about music?

A. I couldn’t really just name one thing that I love about music because music is comprised of so much. As of right now, probably just being able to make it happen.

Q. So what inspired you to go to Reindeer?

A. I’m pretty sure everyone would wonder how a 16-year old kid in Gainesville ends up working for an indie label based out of Maine…but how it happened was like this: One day I got an email invitation from Reindeer through myspace to play in FLARO10, the Florida Rock-Off competition the label puts on every year for high school bands. At the time I didn’t have a band, but I was working on some kinda compilation project with me and a bunch of different people. I was telling Louis (Reindeer President) about it and he said they had done stuff like that before. Then I talked to him more about the label, how it formed and all. I told him straight up, “Man, you’re living my dream right now. I’ve always wanted to do something like what you do.” That’s about when he offered the Gainesville A&R Rep up on the table because of how into it I was and how motivated I was about music. It all happened really fast for once instead of some long thing I had to wait for…It was amazing.

Q. What are your goals in the future?

A. Well first off, I want to try and make my own studio to record bands for cheap. Instead of like $70 an hour, I want to record a band’s CD for like $20. I find it to be an amazing feeling to be making the music happen for someone, and it’s always made me mad about the prices of recording through a studio. And the people act like it’s some laboring, painstaking, crappy job. Other goals would definitely include getting my new band started and to play some shows again. It’s been a while. I want to work with Reindeer for as long as possible for sure. And I’ve always had this dream of going to France, so that’ll probably happen one day or another.

Q. What are your hobbies?

A. Play guitar, listen to LOTS of music, and try to develop ideas and create. And that’s about it really.

Q. So what kind of music do you like Jon?

A. I’m not going to say everything because I can’t stand country or bluegrass, haha. Really, I appreciate every kind of music or respect it in a way…but my listening pleasures are usually Punk, Indie, Ska, R & B, Blues, Reggae, Alternative. I really love upbeat stuff like Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto. And I love the crazy musical talent that comes out of Incubus and Ted Leo. And my favorite band is Against Me! The emotion in all their songs, the pure thought and influence they have, is just exhilarating to me.

Q. So what can we expect from Gainesville on this new CD you’re putting together for the label?

A. Anything and Everything. I’m a music lover, so it’s not just going to be a bunch of power chord bands with some boring lyrics about a girl. I’m looking to put a bunch of new sound, new age bands on this that’ll give everyone a new look in on Gainesville. It’ll make everyone kind of go, “wow, this sounds so original and new” and it’ll also give all these bands a chance to get somewhere and out of the garage.



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