January 17, 2006


***** for immediate release *****


Reindeer Records announced plans for it’s 22nd Annual statewide Rock-Off event and the spawning of a new competition exclusively for solo artists.


Rock-Off 22 is slated for the first weekends in April, at McAuley Performing Arts Center in Portland, with the finals scheduled for May 7. Original high school rock bands from across the state are invited to participate. This year’s winning band will again be awarded the title of ‘Best Young Band in the State of Maine” and receive $1,000.


Because of the increasing number of single acoustic performers that have been entering the Rock-Off in recent years, Reindeer has created a competition just for them. RO4UNO (Rock-Off for Singles) will incorporate similar criteria and format as The Rock-Off, with slight adjustments that will address the needs and logistics that are exclusive to single artists.


‘The time for RO4UNO has come,” said Reindeer President and RO Producer Louis Philippe. ‘Bands and single performers are oftentimes worlds apart, and they each deserve to have their own exclusive events. I’d love to see more single artists step into the spotlight and interject a refreshing element into a local music scene where every band is trying to ‘out-hard’ each other.”


There is only one scheduled showcase for RO4UNO participants, Friday, March 31st, at McAuley PAC, starting at 7 PM. Five performers will be chosen for the Final round, which will be incorporated into the Rock-Off Finals on May 7. The winner will be awarded the title of ‘Best Young Solo Artist in the State of Maine” and receive $500.


This year’s competition is once again being sponsored by MaineToday.com which provides online interactive event coverage as well as featured exposure for all participating bands on the teen website, 20Below (go to http://20below.mainetoday.com/show/rockoff/ for last year’s coverage). Deadline to register for both events is FEBRUARY 10th. Registration packets and complete information can be obtained by contacting Reindeer at 857-9002 or events@reindeergroup.org.



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