“Plans for 10th Annual Florida Rock-Off Event Announced”

January 1, 2006

“Plans for 10th Annual Florida Rock-Off Event Announced”

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What started as an event to showcase original high school rock bands in the Tampa Bay area has grown into a large-scale competition for bands in the entire state.


Reindeer Records, Portland Maine–based independent label that has produced the annual FLORIDA ROCK-OFF competition (FLARO) in the Clearwater area the past nine years, has announced plans for it’s 10th annual event with an expansion statewide.


Reindeer is inviting original high school bands from across the state to sign up for this year’s exciting event. The deadline to register is February 1st!


Louis Philippe, who produces FLARO (as well as a similar event in Maine for over 20 years), describes the competition as an in-depth musical triathlon, the ‘Survivor” event for local musicians. Bands are judged by numerous evaluators, from peers to industry reps, who rank each band in many categories for Original Material, Live Showcase Performance and Marketability.”


‘FLARO is an excellent opportunity for bands to hone their stage craft, gain media exposure and plenty of networking opportunities. The event is designed to benefit every band whether they win or not,” the Reindeer president stated.


Over the past nine years FLARO has become a central Florida musical institution. This year the event is expanding to encompass bands from across the state.


FLARO has given the spotlight to hundreds of musicians and singled out many for their abilities and achievements, Philippe noted. ‘There is a success in every musician, and it’s awesome to see bands use their FLARO experience as a springboard to bigger and better things.”


The winning band receives $1,000 and the title of ‘Best Young Band in Florida.”


A series of showcases is scheduled the last two weekends in March, at BOOMERZ, a premiere showcasing/performing venue in Seminole. Five bands will then be selected to enter the finals, slated for Friday, April 23. The live all-ages showcases are open to the public.


At last year’s show, FLARO8 Winners INITIAL DOUBT, a popular band that represented Tarpon, Dunedin, and East Lake High Schools, made a guest appearance before passing the torch of victory to FLARO9 Winners EFFUSION from Countryside High School in Clearwater.


Complete info and registration packets can be obtained by contacting Reindeer Records at 207/857-9002 or events@reindeergroup.org.



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