June 22, 2004


ALTERIA, a four piece rock band from Lisbon, has signed a record deal with Reindeer Records. Their full-length CD entitled “A Time Worth Waiting For,” is scheduled for an October release.

Alteria first caught the attention of Reindeer President Louis Philippe when they entered Rock-Off 18 as 0% Real. The following year, they came back a lot stronger, and placed in the top five at Rock-Off 19.

While a record deal was something the band really wanted after they graduated in 2003 from Lisbon High School, “they still weren’t ready and had some challenges to deal with,” said Philippe.

“A year of growing made all the difference in the world…now the boys are ready! They have their priorities and goals in order and are in a full-steam-ahead work mode. They’ve gotten very savvy with their songwriting and arrangements, and have really started to formulate their own unique style of energetic story-telling rock that sets them apart,” Philippe said.

The band has a full schedule of recording dates at The Soundhole in Saco during July, right after their appearance at the popular Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls on Friday, July 10 at 7 PM.

“Then it’s a matter of working this product to see how much of a name we can make for this once-local garage band from Lisbon,” Philippe said, adding, “which just goes to show, you don’t have to be from Portland to get well-deserved industry attention. There are a lot of good young bands that deserve such an opportunity.”

Alteria members include Brandon Casper on guitar, Chase Hebert on vocals, Lucas Michaud on bass, and Kevin Partridge on drums.

The band will be celebrating their signing and the completion of the recording with an all-ages show on Sunday, August 8, at McAuley HS, along with three other bands.

Reindeer has assigned a release date of October 15th for the full-length debut CD. For more information, click here to contact Reindeer Records.


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